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Terms and Condition

Terms and Condition (Terms)

Please read these terms and condition before using www.hellodoctorctg. com. When visit across to our site then we think you accept our terms and condition.

Medical Advice Section

All health information provide by our site is fully trusted but these are only for primary issues or only for health awareness. Not emergency situation .Not for critical patient. If happen any emergency then contact with local hospital. We never ever suggest any specific doctor, hospital or product.

Data Source

We provide medical data with trustful reference and under obserbation of a experienced team. Famous doctor of Chittagong  maintain quality of our blog.

Our right to modify terms and condition

We have a right to change our rules and regulation at any time but we always inform you about that. This kind of change is only users satisfaction. We never ever make any rules that making feel uneasy to you.

Rules for Children

No children allow under 13 to using our site. We do not collect any information from children.

Rules for user

User are welcome our site for only honest purpose

User never allow speared any violent behave, comment or blog

User never allow with wrong video

User never allow to disclose anyone personal data or disease

User never allow to comment against any country, nation, religion

Government Law

All rules are made according to law of Bangladesh government.


If you are happy with our Terms & Condition then enjoy our website.



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